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The Safe Route To School Grant - What Is It?


Broadway Safe Route to School Grant


The speed and volume of traffic that travel over the grid-pattern of streets that service our neighborhood probably affects our quality of life in a negative way more than any other influence.  Safety for pedestrians, bikers and, in particular, the safety of our children are of primary importance.  After years of complaints, concerns, and expensive City studies, there is hope for the beginning of a solution.

The Transportation Services Department of the City of Costa Mesa has obtained a 1 million dollar grant that can be used to make Broadway a safer street on which our children may travel to school.  Because of its width and current bike route designation Broadway is able to meet the grant criteria.  With the application of relatively minor safety and traffic calming methods, i.e., sidewalks, altered bike lanes and landscaping, the street can be narrowed and redesigned to be a safer and more beautiful street on which pedestrians and bicyclists may travel - adults and children alike.

The first public meeting for this project was held at Kaiser School on Thursday evening, March 4, 2010.   All the residents of East 18th, Magnolia, Broadway, Flower, and East 19th Street were officially notified of this meeting via mail by the city.  Approximately 50 neighbors attended to review the various conceptual designs the City staff had developed for consideration.  Many concerns and questions were answered. The City staff then went back to prepare more fully researched conceptual designs based on the feedback they received.

On Thursday evening, May 6th, 2010 the City staff held a follow up meeting at Kaiser School to show a more detailed presentation of options. From the time between the public meeting held in March to the public meeting held in May the City staff surveyed house to house to record existing sidewalks, fire hydrants, street lights and driveways.  They also presented a 6 day record of parking at 4 different intervals to show what typical street parking usage would be M-F, 24hrs per day during highest usage periods.

Many residents seemed to prefer Option #4 which offered, from Fullerton to Tustin, a narrowing of Broadway by 4-6’ and from Fullerton to Irvine tree-filled chokers at all intersections, possible medians or tree wells located within any given block, and sidewalks on both sides of the street, and with bike lanes remaining on the current pavement next to traffic.  Also, preferred, was Option #3 which again narrows Broadway, by 8-10’ and offering all amenities from Option #4 but with the bike lane located away from traffic.

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City Government > Public Services > Transportation Projects

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The next step will be a refinement/combination of the options and hopefully additional presentations by the City to the residents.


The City has offered to continue to work with the residents and the Eastside Group to make sure a completed option is created that the majority of the neighbors can support.  A final Public Hearing is scheduled in July, for our City Council to vote to allow city staff to move forward with hiring a design firm to finalize the design based on the neighbors’ and City’s input.


Before the final Public Hearing/City Council presentation, we will also be arranging private meetings within the homes of some of our neighbors to discuss the potential designs and gain a positive consensus of the majority of our neighbors.  Watch this website for dates and times of future events and meetings regarding this important project.


And......very exciting news......students of the Architecture department at OCC under the guidance of Dr. Dean Abernathy have developed a 3D model of one of the proposed conceptual designs so that we may all visualize 3-dimensionally the enhancements we can achieve with the Safe Route To School monies.